Welcome to the the Hospitality Network Association.

This site was developed as a resource for restaurateurs in the Chicago area, to introduce them to the best service providers and provide them with links to key web sites for the food service industry.

The Hospitality Network Association has been servicing the Chicagoland restaurant Supplier and hospitality industries since 1992. The main purpose of this Association is to promote the principles and policies of high ethical and moral standards in sales conduct and fair trade practices. Our organization fosters a greater degree of cooperation and confidence between service providers and restaurant and hospitality operators. The Hospitality Network Association promotes a closer social unity between its members, advances the education and general industry knowledge of those members.

This business league is an Association of persons promoting a common interest and commercial practices associated with the Chicago restaurant vendor, hospitality, hotel, and private club industries in the Chicago area. We are a not for profit organization. The members of this organization represent some of Chicago's leading service and product providers.

Our organization reaches out to the total restaurant and hospitality industries, in giving its time and efforts to increase awareness of marketplace growth issues, current industry trends and legal challenges.